helping each other succeed…

Originally published in Cre8tive Compass - Rebecca Parson

June 6, 2010

Yesterday I had a chat with Heidi Von Weitzer-Schmith of The Faux Academy,  visit her blog. We talked about how we could help each other survive this rough economy. I have had this same discussion with several artists recently…some get it…others just don’t!

helping each other is what it's all about in business todayHelping each other is what it’s all about in business today!

Business Tip #29

Be a good social networking partner.

This is how it works…When you see something you like that another artist has posted on FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn or their blog…do more than just hit the like button…leave a meaningful comment. That is what will build your ROI…Return on Imagination so you can make a living doing what you love.


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