Frequently Asked Questions

Are you selling or promoting products?

What mediums do you use?

We use gesso, glue, varnish, sizes, powders, pigments, rabbit skin glue, wall paper paste, etc.

Do I have to buy and bring supplies to class?

No. Just bring yourself and an open mind. But bring fabric swatches, color wheel and an 8" x 12" poster of your favorite artist. And of course, don't forget to bring your committment to be the "Best"!

What clothes should I bring?

Bring everyday clothes and maybe a nice pair of slacks for going out on a field trip or to dinner.

Should I bring paint clothes?

You can, but we provide smocks for you.

How will I get my samples back?

We will supply an 18" x 24" black vinyl portfolio.

I have no art training at all. Do you think I could make it as a faux artist?

Of course. All you need is will, commitment and discipline. We will do the rest.

Which class should I take first?

Our "Foundation" Wall Glazing class. This class will teach you all the basics and trade secrets needed to prepare you for a successful career. You will gain a tremendous knowledge that includes history.

How will I remember all the finishes?

You will get a workbook containing all the techniques, history, forms, business plan, etc.

How will I know how to bid on a job?

In our extensive business training we will teach you all the financials, bidding, budget overhead, costs, accounting, etc.

How will I find clients?

The Faux Academy has an extensive marketing program for the benefit of our students. In addition, we will teach you in detail how to establish and build your client base.

What does "extended curriculum" mean?

The Faux Academy believes that a one week class is not enough to cover all aspects of becoming a FauxArtist@work. FauxArt, for those who create it, is an art form. In our opinion it is also a strict discipline requiring a vast knowlege of all mediums and techniques. Moreover, we have found that FauxArtists@work tend to set themselves as the avant-garde due to their knowledge of European art history, interior design, and a keen sense of color. Business training is an integral part of our curriculum. It ensures that you will be cost effective and make a profit from the first day on. We take advantage of your early enrollment to teach you all of these important aspects even before you actually come to class. Then within the class week we teach them again.

How long have you been teaching?

I have been teaching since 1974, although not exclusively in a structured school environment. During my stay in the Philippine Islands I taught Philippino weavers to create finishes such as white wash, color wash, and crackling. This experience taught me a great deal, since mediums were virtually non-existent.

What is a bonus board?

A bonus board is a board not scheduled in the regular curriculum. The bonus board can be an additional technique, an enhanced technique or something altogether different.

What are your credentials?

My school experience in Europe began with four years of elementary schooling and continued when I transferred to a boarding school, learning such non-creative subjects as algebra, calculus, trigonometry, etc. My major, however, was in the arts and languages.

Starting out as a Civil Service wife/dependent I had the opportunity, after passing the GED test and the college entrance examination, to enroll for additional credits at the Univerity of Maryland. With the combined overseas extension and European credits, I have the equivalent of the American four year degree. Additonally, I have taken extensive faux finish and art classes in Italy, Germany, and France, as well as in the US in San Francisco and Chicago. In the near future I will be taking additional Decorative Art classes and am eagerly looking forward to seeing France again.

What is your cancellation policy?

Our cancellation policy and terms are as follows:

* Balances due must be paid 4 weeks prior to class date.
* Students may transfer to another class at any time, depending on the space available.
* Cancellations received up to 4 weeks prior will receive a full refund minus a service charge of $150.00 ( for books and pre-instruction)
* Cancellations received less then 4 weeks prior to a scheduled class will not receive a refund. However students may transfer to any other class within a year.

Do you offer refunds? What if I don't like your course?

I offer a "Money 14/1" money back guarantee. No questions asked. Once you have started the business section of our curriculum you have two weeks to cancel and you will be refunded your money except $ 150.00 for books, etc.
Once you have started your studio time you can cancel on the first day and receive a full refund minus $150.00 for books, etc. No questions asked.

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