Grunge Textures Class

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If you consider yourself as one of the avant garde you must enroll in this class. One of a kind finishes will plainly catapult your portfolio to be appreciated by every designer and client you meet. You will not hear the obligatory observation “Same finish, different color.” Better yet, most of these finishes can be applied to walls, canvases kitchen counters and cabinets. 

During this extensive workshop, you will explore innovative wall and ceiling techniques, as well as alternative surface finishes which can be executed on counter tops, floors, trim, textiles, table tops and accent pieces.  Once you have this class completed, you will be able to think "outside of the box" (or outside the wall).

A successful faux finish business provides income, opportunity and artistic growth. At the Faux Academy we help talented, creative people in the decorative art world to build their business by giving them the same advice that good management consultants give to you.