Euro Trash to Euro Flair Class

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Anything can be changed with the help of paint, glue, gelatin, caulk, paper etc.

Transform oak kitchen cabinets, dated woodwork and molding into pieces of grandeur.

You will accomplish fifteen finishes. Depending on your work habits you may do additional boards called “Bonus boards” refer to the Samples Section.

  1. Rust
  2. French Country Glaze
  3. Paper Mania
  4. Pitted Stone (Serena Bigia)
  5. Pitted Nickel
  6. Amazing Gold
  7. Trompe l'panel
  8. Tuscan Story
  1. O La, la Fresco
  2. Florentine Plaster
  3. Venice
  4. Stencil Mania
  5. Bellini Gold
  6. Black and gold
  7. Dante Red

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