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The Urban Dictionary defines Euro Trash as:


A human sub-phylum characterized by its apparent affluence, worldliness, social affectation and addiction to fashion. Males are characterized by a semi-slovenly appearance (including half-shaven faces), greasy hair, rib-hugging shirts, tight jeans and loafers worn without socks. Women are easily distinguished by anorexia, over-bleached hair, gaudy jewelry, plastic surgery (particularly breast-enlargement) and their attachment to the male species. Both sexes greet each other with “air kisses,” immediately speak of their last trip (often Paris, Rome, Majorca), spend hours at “see-and-be-seen” restaurants and exhibit a world-weariness and pained sense of irony.

Faux Painting Euro trash and transforming it into Euro Flair…….Gives it a little class.

With our economy “trashed,” coupled with the “Green movement” I had to come up with something hot and exciting so we will continue to be booked 6 months out. This class is it!!

Many of us believe that faux finishing is out. Not so according to the recent survey I conducted with one hundred Interior designers. Faux finishing is here to stay!!! However, clients are more resourceful and love to have and display that “family heirloom” but not in brown from Aunt Emma’s yesteryear but brought to the flair of today.

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