Faux Painting Boot Camp Class

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Hands on faux painting in my home studio 20 min east of St. Louis (small but organized and ready for you to create)

Day One

  • Meet Your Teacher and classmates
  • Concepts of glazing (create a glaze, properties, tips and tricks)
  • Creativity unleashed –  importance of “values” explained
  • Techniques explained – Positive glazing, waxing, dry brushing, paint floating, texturing
  • Techniques created – Terrazzo, R.L. Leather. Black and Gold, Faux Venetian Plaster 
  • Media used – Wax, assorted papers, paint, metallics
  • Prep three boards for the next day – Concreto, LV Leather, Versailles

Day Two

  • Color theory
  • Business lunch
  • Finish  three prepped boards -  Concreto, LV Leather, Versailles
  • Create Florentine Plaster, Fresco
  • Mediums used – Paint, wax, jc, glazes
  • Techniques Created – Glazing, waxing, dry/skip brushing 

Day Three

  • Business as usual – checking on your business knowledge
  • Prep 4 Boards -   Pitted nickel, Tuscan Plaster, Leonardo /Tuscan Plaster, raised sandstone, Marco Polo
  • Techniques learned- Texturing, layering, embedding, raised motifs
  • Mediums explored –Sand, metal chips, flour, coffee grounds and caulk, candles
  • Create – Crumbled Concrete
  • Mediums used – ¼ Tape, paint, candles

Day Four

  • Business as usual
  • Finish 5 Boards – Pitted Nickel, Tuscan Plaster, Leonardo, raised sandstone, Marco Polo

Day Five

  • Color Theory
  • Business as usual
  • Create – L.S Bali, Granite, stainless steel
  • Total Boards Created: Eighteen