Faux Painting Classes

Faux Painting Boot Camp

Faux Painting Boot Camp

Faux Finish Foundation Class - This class is about success! It's a faux painting workshop which will inspire you pushing forward and achieve your dreams.

Grunge Textures

Grunge Textures

Love Faux Finishing? Hate Low-Profit Margins? Not enough Business? You are at the right place. Re-vamp your portfolio with the help of Heidi von Weitzer.

Euro Trash to Euro Flair

Euro Trash to Euro Flair

Faux Finish Furniture from Euro Trash to Euro Chic. Trompe l'oeil and furniture faux finishes

Butterfly on Stencil Student working on finishStudent drafting a design

Congrats… you conquered the first step—Being a smart faux painting entrepreneur looking for lots of help and benefits to speed up your artistic development. Join our “hand-holding” faux painting classes. At the Faux Academy, you wonít just learn faux finishes and faux painting techniques you also will gain solid business knowledge to run a profit-driven studio. Whoever said that “profit” is a bad word?

The Promise

Step-by-step hands-on faux finish instructions and solid business training turns your faux finish studio into a virtual no-brainer.

The Uniqueness

6 key differences separate the Faux Academy from hundreds of other faux finish schools. Four weeks of solid on line business training.

  • Business “Guru” guest speaker(s)
  • Assorted products and inexpensive, easy to obtain mediums are our choice
  • Studio Time 24/5
  • Free marketing of your faux finish studio in your neck of the woods
  • Free 24 page (48 samples) professional, easy to carry Vinyl portfolio will be given to you.

Here is what the Faux Academy will do for you:

General Class Information

Walks you step-by-step through each and every faux finish and deciphers the mystiques and tricks of the trade, so you can apply the faux finish techniques in a timely and professional manner

Simplifies your faux painting applications. We teach positive faux finish treatments, ascertaining that you can work by yourself and do not have to worry about drying time, lap marks etc. We choose to offer one to two step applications, which look like multi layered faux finish techniques.

Takes away the confusion.†Clearly laid out work books including all necessary business forms and step by step recipes for each faux finish.

Gives you confidence.† The entire hand-holding faux finish training is based on my experience as long time designer, faux finish and fine artist and last but not least as a successful entrepreneur. You will benefit from my know-how in business and my association with European design, fashion and style.